Plans and Reports

San Francisco at sunset from the Oakland is the cover for Big Moves for housing and economic security

Big Moves for Housing and Economic Security

All Home’s “The Big Moves” are designed to increase housing and economic security for people with extremely low incomes in the Bay Area. They were developed with an eye to what is needed to meaningfully address homelessness and poverty, what opportunities are emerging, and what promising solutions are already in motion. These proposals are complementary to efforts to rapidly reduce unsheltered homelessness, because we will never end homelessness without addressing its root causes. November 2022.

Cover of report features two woman looking through a blue O; Youth Action: A Way Home

Youth Action: A Way Home

Youth Action: A Way Home coordinated community plan to prevent and end youth homelessness

Youth Action: A Way Home is Alameda County’s Coordinated Community Plan to prevent and end youth homelessness. A youth led and centered process essential to the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program grant awarded to Alameda County in 2021. The plan identifies goals, objectives and activities needed to prevent and end youth homelessness. This includes specific projects that will be funded with YHDP funds, a joint component housing project and a peer navigation project.

The plan details were informed by a series of community conversations focused on special populations; pregnant and parenting youth, migrant/undocumented youth, youth impacted by the foster/child welfare system, youth impacted by the juvenile justice system and minors (under 18).

This work is a collaboration between OHCC/HCSA, CDA, SSA, the Youth Action Board and ALL IN-Alameda County.

Full Report | Executive Summary 

Cover is white background with photos of people making the word HOME slashed across the bottom right corner and below it the cover is an orange triangle; Home Together 2026 Community Plan

Home Together 2026 Community Plan

The Home Together 2026 Community Plan is a 5-year strategic initiative which centers racial equity and identifies the strategies, activities and resources needed to dramatically reduce homelessness in Alameda County. The Plan identifies what is needed to operate a homeless response system that has the capacity to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness and to reduce racial disparities.  

The Plan details specific strategies and action steps that were informed by an extensive community input process which included participation from system leaders, homeless program participants, service providers and partners in the homelessness response system, and people with lived experience to learn what works and what doesn’t work in our current homeless response system.   

The Plan identifies the strategies and activities to operationalize the recommendations and address the findings detailed in the Centering Racial Equity in Homeless System Design report, an in-depth analysis of Alameda County’s homeless response system that was conducted in 2019-2020 by partners in Alameda County’s Continuum of Care.

Full Report | Executive Summary

Report cover. Features many drawn flowers in a cemetery.

Alameda County 2018-2020 Homeless Mortality Report

The Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless (ACHCH) and Community Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation (CAPE) teams have released the County's first-ever Homeless Mortality Report, a retrospective report on homeless deaths from 2018 to 2020 in Alameda County.

The reports seeks to accurately enumerate deaths among people experiencing homelessness to inform policies and practices to reduce preventable deaths, and to reduce the harm that preventable deaths create for families, friends, caregivers, and the community. This review will help our health and housing partners develop interventions to reduce deaths among those experiencing homelessness.

We believe no one should die alone or unknown in homelessness.

Cover of report has B&W photo of homeless women sharing a tent. Centering Racial Equity in Homeless System Design Report

Centering Racial Equity in Homeless System Design Report

Centering Racial Equity in Homeless System Design is a report on the racial equity and system modeling project that was completed in summer 2020. The report provides an overview of the recommendations needed to create and sustain an equitable and effective homeless system of care in Alameda County based upon quantitative and qualitative analyses.

This project was built upon research that identifies structural racism as a primary driver of homelessness, resulting in a homeless population that is disproportionately Black and Native American. Recommendations focus on the approach and resources needed to infuse racial equity into Alameda County’s homeless system. View Executive Summary.

Mother and son sitting on stoop smiling; Regional Impact Council’s Regional Action Plan (RAP) Report

Regional Impact Council’s Regional Action Plan (RAP) Report

Regional Impact Council’s Regional Action Plan (RAP)
For the first time, leaders from across the Bay Area, convened by All Home, have come together to create a Regional Action Plan (RAP) that will reduce unsheltered homelessness by 75%. The framework outlined in the RAP requires rethinking how existing resources are allocated and provides a practical framework for future federal and state investments. Successful implementation of this approach will not only reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness, it will also reduce the number of people at imminent risk of becoming homeless. February 2021.

Cover has Lake Merritt in the background, Evaluating Project Roomkey

Evaluating Project Roomkey in Alameda County: Lessons from a Pandemic Response to Homelessness

This report represents one of the first studies of Project Roomkey outcomes through an in-depth analysis of Alameda County’s program design and implementation. Using both quantitative and qualitative research, it aims to break down the various components of Alameda County’s Project Roomkey model in order to identify which components were key to improving health and housing outcomes for people experiencing homelessness. May 2021.

Full Report | Summary | October 2021 Update

Plain cover with orange stripe for Home Together Plan Report

Home Together Plan

On August 4th, 2020, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the “Home Together Plan” to guide the County’s next steps and future investments in addressing homelessness.

The Home Together Plan is informed by a comprehensive needs analysis of the countywide homelessness response system, and months-long collaborative effort with homeless service and housing providers, County agencies and regional organizations. The plan makes recommendations for addressing homelessness in Alameda County through new investments and system improvements.

Read the Home Together Plan here (PDF - 0.4 MB)