Coordinated Entry

What is Coordinated Entry?

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Coordinated Entry – The Coordinated Entry process is an approach to coordination and management of the crisis response system’s resources that allows users to make equity consistent decisions from available information to connect people efficiently and effectively to interventions that will end their homelessness.

The Coordinated Entry System includes:

  • Points of access to resources for people experiencing homelessness
  • Housing Problem Solving
  • Assessment
  • Prioritization for available resources
  • Referral/Matching to Housing/Homelessness Resources
  • Grievance processes

Alameda County Housing Resource Centers/ Access Points

For more information about housing and resources for people experiencing homelessness, contact a Housing Resource Center in your area.

  • North County (2)
  • Oakland (4)
  • East County (1)
  • Mid County (2)
  • South County (2)
  • Transitional Age Youth (1)

Street Health Outreach Teams

Street Health Outreach Teams operate throughout Alameda County with the goal of reaching unsheltered homeless persons with high medical needs. Learn more at

Coordinated Entry Refresh

In 2020 Alameda County updated our Coordinated Entry System to:

  • Incorporate findings from recent racial equity and systemwide modeling analyses that will allow us to plan strategically for adequate housing resources and work towards ending homelessness
  • Focus on problem solving, connecting people to available housing and flex funding resources
  • Offer housing assessment for the housing queue
  • Offer crisis assessment for those seeking shelter, transitional housing or safe parking
  • Ensure clear, transparent, and timely communication
  • Improve HMIS workflow
  • Implement changes to regional coordination
Coordinated Entry Policies

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