Collage of 4 photos: a homeless person sleeping at a bus stop, 4 workers building a roof on a new house, a female doctor examining a homeless woman and a family showing the keys to their new home.

If you are looking for housing or services, please call 2-1-1

Eliminate Homelessness

Alameda County has set ambitious targets for 2026 – to ensure the availability of diverse and affordable housing for all residents with the goal of eliminating homelessness in Alameda County. These 10x goals are part of the County’s Vision 2026.

In response to the growing housing crisis, the County will deepen our investment and build on the work already happening to strengthen partnerships with local cities and other stakeholders; maximize the Measure A1 Housing Bond; and leverage new funding to address homelessness and support affordable housing in our communities. The Alameda County Homelessness Action Plan 2018-21 sets forth a plan for the County to invest approximately $340 million over the next three years toward the goal of ending homelessness in Alameda County.


Town Hall Meetings: Local Solutions to Homelessness

In May of 2020 Alameda County Supervisors, the Alameda County office of Homeless Care and Coordination and Homeless Service Providers EveryOne Home and St. Mary’s Center hosted a series of Town Hall meetings to discuss the Home Together Plan for a local and efficient strategic response to homelessness across the county.

  • Find recordings of the Town Hall meetings here.
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News Archive

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Affordable Housing Bond

The Measure A1 Affordable Housing General Obligation Bond program was approved by over 70% of voters in November 2016 and will provide up to $580 million for the creation and protection of affordable housing options for low-income, vulnerable populations. Measure A1 provides significant new opportunities to assist renters, new homeowners, and residents at risk of losing their homes. As of February 2019, $245 million in Measure A1 commitment had leveraged over $1.5 billion to support over 2,400 new affordable units in Alameda County. Learn more...
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Alameda County Care Connect

In 2016, Alameda County received a $140 million award across five years from the California Department of Healthcare Services to implement a Whole Person Care Pilot to improve care for residents who face the most difficult combination of physical health, mental health, and housing challenges. Alameda County Care Connect funds Housing Resource Centers, housing navigation and counseling services, legal assistance, and other supports to help homeless individuals find housing. Learn more...
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Health Care for the Homeless

Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless coordinates a network of health centers and community-based organizations to increase access and improve care for people experiencing homelessness. Current services include comprehensive primary care with integrated behavioral health at five sites throughout Alameda County, urgent care at shelters and on the streets, substance use treatment, dental care, and case management. Learn more...
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