Office of Homeless Care and Coordination

Collage of 4 photos: a homeless person sleeping at a bus stop, 4 workers building a roof on a new house, a female doctor examining a homeless woman and a family showing the keys to their new home.
Supervisor Wilma Chan

With more than 8,000 people experiencing homelessness in Alameda County each night, the commitment to ending homelessness is a top priority for our County’s leaders. Over the past three years Alameda County has invested more than $340 million towards efforts to address homelessness, and in December of 2019 the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the launch of the Health Care Services Agency (HCSA) Office of Homeless Care and Coordination.

The Office of Homeless Care and Coordination serves to implement expanded services and supports and lead the development of a strategic framework to address homelessness. The Office is working to build a robust, integrated, and coordinated system of homelessness and housing services in Alameda County, and to improve efficiency and coordination within HCSA and with external partners. The Office of Homeless Care and Coordination will also serve as a triaging point of contact around addressing and working to end homelessness across the County.


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OHCC Director, Kerry Abbott speaks with the East Bay Rental Housing Association about homelessness in Alameda County and how property owners can help be part of the effort to end homelessness.

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