Property Owner Engagement Program

Alameda County is currently offering incentive programs for landlords/ property owners that have available housing units to rent in an effort to help permanently house residents experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The program offers a number of benefits to landlords/ property owners, including guaranteed on-time monthly payments, resident support services and financial incentives such as payment of a security deposit, a $4,000 damage guarantee, and additional cash bonuses for qualifying property owners.

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CalAIM is a multi-year, multi-initiative transformation of California’s Medicaid system, that builds from the successes of the Whole Person Care and Health Homes Program. CalAIM is moving Medi-Cal towards a population health approach that prioritizes prevention and whole person care with the goal of extending supports and services beyond hospitals and health care settings directly into California communities.

CalAIM funds Alameda County’s Housing Community Supports, which provides services to over 1,800 of Alameda County’s most vulnerable homeless and formerly homeless households, and aims to serve over 3,500 households by 2023.

screenshot of CalAIM chart from their website

Homekey Initiative

The Homekey Initiative is a state program to fund the development of housing for unsheltered individuals. The state awards funding that allows municipalities to purchase and rehabilitate hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings and other properties, and convert them into permanent, long-term housing. Both Alameda County and cities within the County have received Homekey awards. A list of current and past awards can be found here.

Project Roomkey

Project Roomkey hotels have provided temporary housing for thousands of unsheltered residents in Alameda County as part of California’s emergency response for COVID-19. Project Roomkey is currently winding down in Alameda County

Check here for more information about Project Roomkey, and here for a study highlighting the success of Project Roomkey in Alameda County.

Fairmont Navigation Center

Alameda County has opened the Fairmont Medical Respite Recuperative Care Center in the unincorporated portion of Alameda County. The site includes 34 units operated by Five Keys Schools and Programs, and provides individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness with respite services to recover from an injury or illness including interim housing and a path toward permanent housing.

Fact Sheet | Additional Project Information

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